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About the company

Training at work (also inscribed as Training@Work) is an education, training and consulting private company established in 2001. In 2006 the company was converted from a close corporate to a limited private company. The company is 100% woman owned.








Our Values

Upholding the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Encouraging and fostering the principles of nation-building and mutual respect

Promoting professionalism and accountability amongst our staff and students.

Promoting a culture of teaching, learning and service.

Fostering the principles of lifelong learning.

Complying with the prescribed requirements of the NQF.

Our Mission : Excellent Education through Innovation

What We Offer and Benefits.

More specifically, our Skills Development Services helps school leavers, employers, employees, the unemployed including graduates to better themselves so that they can improve their social and/or economic conditions.

To be more specific 

  • We provide expertise in Training, Education and Development on a wide scope of programmes and Qualifications across the country with intention to cater SADC Region soon.
  • Our Service Provision range from National Qualifications (Management & Business Programmes, Skill Programme (Customized and workshops) to Apprentices (Artisanal Programmes)

Organizational Development Programmes

we offer a systematic approach to improving organizational effectiveness – one that aligns strategy, people, and processes. To achieve the desired goals of high performance and competitive advantage.

Customized training

Organizations providing training their employees that is relevant to the vision, mission of their business, these are the intervention whereby a programme is created and delivered in a manner that covers company strategic goals.

Learnerships and qualifications

Unemployed candidates are invited through a funding model to undergo a compressive training that is comprised of workplace and classroom leaning.

Short Courses

Unemployed candidates are invited through a funding model to undergo compressive training that is comprised of workplace and classroom learning.

Artisanal Courses

these are programs for employed, unemployed and retrenched. Here they are afforded an opportunity to learning some technical skills in a classroom setup and afforded practical to qualify as artisans.

Short Courses

Work-integrated learning provides students with the opportunity to apply their learning from academic studies to relevant experiences and reciprocate learning back to their studies. This is a graduate program.

Training Material. Training. Consulting.

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Registration Number: 2006/0285516/07

DHET registration: 2011/FE07/057

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Gauteng Province

15 Leonie Street; Cnr Riffle Range
Winchester Hills; Johannesburg
2019, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 433 9318/3096
Fax: +27 86 519 2889
Email:chiloanep@trainingatwork.co.za/ admin@trainingatwork.co.za

Mpumalanga Province

Stand 0001
Arthurseat on R40
Tel: 082 4060485
Fax: 086 519 2889
Email: info@trainingatwork.co.za